Dear NEKO lovers,

I’m Ashley, the designer of the “Onebttl NEKO” mug.

“NEKO”comes from the Japanese word「ねこ」, which means ”cat”.

The idea of the cat mug came from one of my traveling in Asia in 2016.

Back then I was confused about everything like life, career, dreams…

Should I keep chasing my dream of designing? Or just keep staying in the accounting area which  I’ve already done a great job but wasn’t actually enjoying.

People kept saying that it would be a huge challenge for me to start a new chapter of a career in designing. And they advised that I shouldn’t change anything of my life.

Then I decide to take a break and started my gap year.

As a cat lover, I decided to visit Aoshima, the famous Cat Island in Japan. The number of cats is 6 times more than human, so actually, they are the residents on the island lol. 🙂

Looking at these cute little guys gathered at the dock, curled up under the tree or strolled on the street were really impressed me a lot. We don’t have to care about what others may think. Just live our lives, do whatever we want as we feel it right and just F-word the world.

One year later, I went back on track. And I made up my mind to take a course in designing and start my designer career.

In 2018, Onebttl helped to make my idea come true. And we are still working on more cool ideas!

If the idea of “NEKO” have made you laugh, then I think I’ve got a small achievement at the beginning of my new chapter. 😀

Hopefully “NEKO” would make your life a little bit funnier.

Thank you for reading my story. And we would like to hear yours. Just share with us! 🙂

The designer of Neko mug


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